Can I send emails to contacts which have not opted in to receive my emails ?

B2B Email Marketing is legal in the UK unlike B2C (Business to Consumers) and as such is a very popular medium in which to reach out and introduce your products and services. Providing you use reputable Data suppliers and have undergone a process of targeting for your target Market, ensuring relevance of content to your recipients we can support you from the smallest to the very largest campaigns.

What email address do my Eshots come from ?

When you sign up for eShot as part of the Set Up process we purchase a dedicated domain for your account. This domain is where you log into to access our software and all its eMail Marketing tools. It is also used as the from address for all your eShots, by doing it this way we ensure peak delivery performance and your eShot recipients have no sight of any 3rd party. The outside world would not know you are using an outsourced specialist service to deliver your marketing. Any replies to your outbound campaigns are diverted back to whatever internal email address you specify.

Do my Eshots travel through my ISP ?

Many ISP’s will restrict your service or in some cases cut you off if you use their service to undertake email marketing, hence the need to turn to a specialist company like ours. Our Network is responsible for delivering your outbound Eshots so your ISP does not get involved at all.

How does Eshot deal with Unsubscribes ?

Unsubscribes are dealt with automatically. An unsubscribe link is at the foot of each and every email and our platform ensures that should one of your recipients choose to unsubscribe then they will not only be unsubscribed from any current list/s but also any future lists too. This ensures good email marketing practice and keeps any ‘negative fallout’ from your marketing activity to an absolute minimum.

How do I know who has opened my emails ?

Eshot comes with a full reporting section which not only reports an ‘open rate’ in terms of percentages but reports back in real time actually who or which recipient is opening your emails and also who is clicking any hyperlinks to external webpages that you might have included in your Eshots. This is key information in knowing who is tentatively interested in certain products or services which you may have been promoting allowing for a more intelligent approach to follow up using other contact mediums such as the telephone.

Is Eshot a pay as you go service or a monthly commitment ?

Eshot is currently a monthly subscription service and we do not offer ‘Pay as you Go’ packages. As such you have a monthly obligation with a simple 30 day notice period to cancel.

Can I upgrade my Eshot account at any time ?

Yes you can upgrade either Eshot monthly accounts or annual accounts at any time and with no cost penalty. Upgrading a monthly account is a simple case of informing us and updating your payment details. A mid-term annual upgrade is also simple to organise, we credit off any unused months from your existing account and this credit is offset against your new 12 month annual account which starts at the time of your upgrade.