Eshot – An uncompromised eMail-Marketing solution

Designed for businesses who need a 100% secure environment combined with the very best deliverability for their eMail Marketing campaigns.

1) A dedicated server environment provided for you. No low-cost network sharing at the expense of your deliverability.

2) Includes a dedicated domain solely for your eMail Marketing (e.g
3) Includes your own dedicated mail server (IP) solely for the use of your account and no other.

4) All the images in your email marketing are embedded, and not just links to hosted images which may be blocked, which means your recipients are not being asked to “Download Images” when they arrive. (Not one of the top 10 largest eMail service providers offers this)

5) A team of email delivery specialists on-hand to deliver factual insight and understanding.

6) The nearest thing to having your own, in-house dedicated Email Marketing infrastructure which is totally concealed as an outsourced solution.

A free custom designed template for all orders placed before the end of Friday

  • Reach Customers & Prospects through Automation

    Through configurable automation, Eshot can send content to your lists of customers and targeted prospects at timely intervals based on subscriber info or category and/or previous eshot interaction and engagement.

    This is important as it helps in sending the right content to the right people at the right time !

  • Drag and Drop Content builder

    Eshot has a built in Drag and Drop eMail builder which makes putting together text and picture content very simple, with no need for any understanding of HTML Code whatsoever. What’s more, is it creates eMails which adapt to display correctly across all of today’s devices. The benefit of this is that you can quickly deploy easy to digest content in a professional format without days of planning and procrastination.

  • Telephone Support

    Our support staff are on hand to help you with any aspect of using the software as well as offer advice on best practices and help you reach your goals. They can also offer you screen sharing assistance should you need it. We offer 9-5 GMT telephone support and email support at all other times.  There is also a video library which has many tutorials on how to use and get the best from eShot.

Fantastic Statistics!

You can monitor your strategy from your results. eShot feeds back open rates and tracks who has clicked through from the hyperlinks in your eShots to your Webpages. This is great information to help give you a constant guide to how well your content is being received. It also shows the overall appetite for the types of email you are creating.

Create Sign Up Forms for your Website (GDPR Compliant)

eShot will allow you to quickly create sign-up forms so people can subscribe directly from your website to your lists on your eShot account.

Dedicated Mail Sever

Unlike many providers, we provide all our accounts with a dedicated mail server which has its own IP address and is not shared with any other user. This is beneficial because other users are not able to impact on your ‘sending reputation’, so your emails are not falling foul to junk filters as a result of other user’s bad practices.